The Supreme

The dome. The rotatable top component of the travel machine.
The neck. It is made up from an internal frame or 'neckbin', three rings and eight struts.
The arm. A telescopic arm, usually having two or three sections.
The collars. Present on every Dalek, from the earliest to the New Series Dalek, the collars are an important part of Dalek design.
The skirt. The section with angled faces, to which the hemispheres are attached.
The hemispheres. There are fifty six of them (forty eight on the 2010 re-designed Dalek) and they live on the surface of the Dalek skirt.
The dome lights. Lights fixed to the dome, which flash when the Dalek speaks.
The eye stalk. A rod projecting from the dome, which can pivot vertically.
The eyeball. A spherical component fitted to the end of the eye stalk, shown in various episodes to contain the Dalek’s visual apparatus.
The mesh & slats. The mesh and slats were not a part of the original Dalek design.
The gun stick. Usually portrayed as a variable discharge energy weapon.
The gun rods. Longitudinal rods forming a cage around the gun stick.
The base. The projecting base of the Dalek. The base, was originally a simple, functional item used to guard the skirt against knocks and bumps.

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